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Im so excited to see my home page in this new wikipedia look !!

When I set out to program my website, back in 2006, I was aiming at something which, above everything allows me to edit webpages, and add, delete or insert them, irrespective of the place where I was. It was also supposed to resist all kinds of code(be it HTML or PHP) while editing. Simple text, is what appreciated. Yet, I had the additional task of enriching the whole website to moderate levels.

I should accept, I was very happy with the end product. It had more or less everything I would every host on my webspace. Simple configuration file to define the type of the pages, its functionality based on the content it hosts, etc, a simple markup(lot simpler than WikiMedia's) to create documents, capability of hosting pictures, and videos, and even simple feature for non-encrypted password protected pages.

However, its biggest draw back was that, to make changes to the website, I had to edit the files individually and upload them through ftp, which was not always possible because of obvious reasons. So, I started looking at options. And one fine day, starting porting my old home page (which is still available, by the way), to mediawiki. And now here you are. I can just click on the edit link where-ever I want and simply type in what-ever I want. Life has never been so easy !!!

Thanks to WikiMedia. Thanks to opensource !!


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